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We offer a range of services to all organisations that could dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.


At Stratton Procurement we work closely with with our clients and understand their requirements and ensure that these are met going forward. We will discuss your particular needs and recommend the strategy that best works for your business.

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Benefits of Biomass & Renewable Energy

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced in 2012 to encourage the use of renewable energy sources such as biomass and help the Government hit their own environmental targets.

The incentive offers payments for every kWh of heat provided by the biomass system and so represents an excellent return on the investment.

There are immediate savings too as producing energy via a Biomass boiler is cheaper than buying conventional fuels, (gas, heating oil, LPG, electricity), reliability is higher, servicing costs lower then the very significant RHI payments are on top. And RHI is increased in line with inflation every year.

RHI can never be reduced but will go up annually with inflation, and wood will always be cheaper than any existing fossil fuel heat source.

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